New release: Fair Finance Guide Methodology update 2023

21 February 2023

Over the last few months, the Fair Finance network has been working hard to update our Methodology. Working with Profundo, the FFI Secretariat and Fair Finance coalitions have endeavored to ensure the methodology is updated to keep track with the latest developments in sustainable finance.


This seventh update contains a series of changes:

  • New assessment elements on gender have been added.
  • Background information on international standards has been updated in themes such as Climate Change, Nature and Oil and Gas.
  • Assessment elements in the Climate Change theme have been improved significantly.
  • A new assessment element on deep sea mining is introduced.
  • Repeated assessment elements in the sectoral themes have been removed.
  • The overall Methodology text has been made more user-friendly.

With each review Fair Finance International incorporates, as much as possible, the feedback we receive from the financial institutions with whom we engage, as well as from sector experts, and a broad range of stakeholders.

The new Methodology enables coalitions in the network to assess the policies of financial institutions and to contribute to improved ESG-policies worldwide.

Read the full Methodology here.



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