Fair Finance International – a new name for the FFGI network

01 July 2020

Fair Finance Guide International (FFGI) is a diverse global advocacy network of over 50 CSOs and NGOs founded in 2009, working for more transparent, green, fair, and responsible investment policies & practices across the financial sector. FFGI will now change its name to Fair Finance International (FFI).

At the core of our work for many years is the Fair Finance Guide – a rigorous methodology used to assess Financial Institutions' approach to sustainability across 23 critical themes, including corruption, human rights, and climate change. These assessments form the basis of constructive fact-based dialogue with financial institutions on ways to achieve more responsible and sustainable financial policies and practices. 

In addition our network works in many other ways to achieve change - such as public campaigning; political lobbying; expert consultation and advice; coalition building; and evidence based research in cases of harmful investments.  And our work makes a real difference! In recent years it has led to financial institutions divesting from companies linked to deforestation and fossil fuels, to stronger commitments from banks on adherence to labour rights and gender equality principles, and to increased public and political engagement on reducing harmful investments - to name but a few. 

To better reflect the scope and diversity of how we work today, and in preparation for an exciting expansion to new regions and countries, we are updating our international network name to Fair Finance International. We will continue to use the Fair Finance Guide as a central part of our work, and we will expand our focus and influencing in the global South.

For media inquiries or questions about joining our network please contact:

Kees Kodde, International Network Coordinator or Emma Boles, International Communications Coordinator.